Bryant's Blueberries   
Welcome to Bryant's Blueberries, a pick your own blueberry farm located in Southern Indiana within 1/2 hour of downtown Louisville, KY
Dale & Diane Bryant 6900 Oak Park Rd NE,New Salisbury, IN  47161 (812) 366-3592
We are now closed for the season.

Thanks for the many who have come to make this a successful blueberry season.  Hope to see you next year.  Make sure that we have your current email address by subscribing ( or updating (

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Dale & Diane Bryant
6900 Oak Park Rd NE
New Salisbury, IN  47161
812 366-3592
Our blueberry varieties ripen in the following order:
Duke (sweet, non acidic, flavor improves with chilling)
BlueJay (a sweet, firm berry that cooks well)
Patriot (a full flavor berry that tastes somewhat like Darrow)
BlueRay (first picks are full flavored; as they have more time to ripen they are some of the sweetest in the patch)
BlueCrop (good all around berry)
Darrow (an extremely full flavored berry with a high amount of acidity until the end of the season; ripens very gradually; it is picked from about week 2 through the end of the season)
Brigitta (a late but sweet berry--most late berries are more acidic)
Late Blue & Coville (very tart, limited quantities)