Start with a clean milk jug.  (Clean it immediately upon consumption--not after the remnants have soured!)

The marked milk jug displays where you will be cutting it.

With a sharp pair of pointed sissors stab through the milk jug.  Cut along the "shoulder" of the jug.  If you go too deep, it will be weak.  If you make the openning too narrow, it will be hard for you to put you berries in your picking container.

This shows most of the top cut off.  Try not to have any jagged edges-or your hands may get scratched.

Fill with blueberries.  The jug holds a maximum of about 5 lbs.  Store in fridge.
Freshly picked blueberries cooled promptly will stay fresh in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.  (Last year we had a batch that lasted 4 weeks and they may have lasted longer but we finished them in their 4th week of storage.)