Every website is supposed to have a privacy policy.  So here is it is in everyday language.  (Sorry, I have no lawyers on staff !)

I am careful not to disclose your name, physical address or email address to anyone but you.  (In other words, I always use blind carbon copies.)

I do not sell, rent or disclose the list to anyone.

I do not harvest email addresses from those who have forwarded an email to all of their address book.

Since I have over 6,500 email addresses I use a list server to send out the time sensitive notices.  Once the season is over, I delete all names from this list.  When the next season starts, I will need to upload all valid email addresses to that list.

Email customers are never purposefully deleted from the file except when they become invalid or when you notify me that you are no longer interested in receiving updates from Bryant's Blueberries.

Post Card customers who have marked their attendance in any of the past 3 years will continue to receive a post card.  In the 3rd year inactive post card customers will receive a post card with "Last Card" printed after their name.  In the 4th year inactive post card customers with "Last Card!" need to mark their attendance in our directory in order to receive future post cards.